Grievance Redressal Policy & Procedure

Grievance Redressal Policy & Procedure

Customer experience is extremely important for sustained business growth and as an organization Lenditt Innovations & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strives to ensure that our customers receive exceptional service across different touch points.


Customer complaints constitute an important voice of customer, and this policy details complaint handling through a structured grievance redressal framework. Complaint redressal is supported by a review mechanism, to minimize the recurrence of similar issues in future.

The Grievance Redressal policy follows the following principles:

The Company has invested in the best in class LOS & CRM system to ensure timely resolution of the grievances. The system captures the complaints; follows TATs based on the nature of the query and escalates issues on the basis of predefined TATs and as per the escalation matrix.

Once captured in our internal system, the customer care will be responsible for resolution of complaint/grievance to the customer’s satisfaction within a period of fifteen (15) working days. Every attempt will be made to offer the customer suitable and appropriate alternate solutions wherever possible. However, if the customer continues to remain dissatisfied with the resolution, he/she can escalate the issue through the grievance redressal mechanism as referred below.

Time Frame

Suitable timelines of fifteen (15) working days have been set for every complaint depending upon the investigations which would be involved in resolving the same. Complaints are suitably acknowledged on receipt and the customers are informed of delays if any, in the resolution.

Review & Monitoring

Periodic review of monitoring of complaints, TATs, nature of complaints will be done to ensure that process loopholes, if any, are plugged and trends are checked.


Customer can raise their concerns pertaining to the Platform, EMI schedule, Facility Type, Processing Fee and / or any other charges or any other concern related to the product to authorised representatives of the Company as below.