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Consumer Durable Loan

About Consumer Durable Loan

A consumer durable loan allows you to purchase consumer durables online or in person. Refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and other consumer durables have become essential in today's environment. Purchasing one or more of these durables for your home might be quite costly. You can buy all the durables if you have the money. But what if you don't have any cash on hand and the product is on sale? That isn't to say you won't be able to purchase it. If you don't have the cash, you can always apply for a consumer durable loan and get it instantly.

The Consumer Durable Loan from Lenditt allows you to purchases all of the items that you’re wishlisting from a long time. The loan enables you to buy large and pay little.

Consumer durable loan can also be termed as Loan for electronics, it is typically used to finance the purchase of electronics, home appliances, and everyday usable gadgets.

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Why do you need a consumer durable finance?

Work and family go hand in hand, but if you're not treating your family with the things they like and only focusing on working for long hours, you are missing out on how to enjoy life. With the best gadgets in 2022, it's time for you to update your and your family’s lifestyle, and it can be possible with a consumer durable loan. Although many people take out loans to address their financial needs, a consumer durable loan is intended to improve people's living standards and quality of life.

Lenditt's Instant Consumer Durable Loan helps you finance the purchase of consumer durable goods. Refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, mixer grinders, and other household appliances or gadgets fall within this category. The consumer durable loan comes with very low EMIs and a hassle-free repayment period. This loan makes life easier for you by enabling you to realize your aspirations and requirements without putting a financial strain on your finances.

Why to get consumer durable loan from Lenditt?

Financial Services companies target Consumer Durables as a market for Cross-selling and Up-selling. It is, however, a fiercely competitive sector in which requests for sanction time and documentation process results in a cumbersome process.

Whether you are a techie and want to use the latest gadgets or someone in need of home appliances, a consumer durable loan for electronics from Lenditt is the best companion with collateral free loan, no pre payment chargers, and with a low amount of interest that has to be paid till the day you have taken the loan.

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Eligibility for consumer durable loan

With a consumer durable finance, you don't have to wait and save to buy your favorite phone or bring home a new refrigerator because Lenditt got you covered.

You are eligible to avail up to Rs 50,000 from Lenditt if you have an income of Rs 20,000 per month and you must fall into the age group of 21 to 57 to avail the loan. Lastly, you must be a salaried professional.

How To Apply For Consumer Durable Loan With Lenditt

You just need to download the app, fill in your details and upload your documents. Get your instant loan without CIBIL score with minimal documentation.