Small Personal Loan - Reasons why it gets rejected

Reasons why small personal loan applications can get rejected

small personal loan

Obtaining a small personal loan for a low CIBIL score is a challenging endeavor, and if you are currently looking for one, you may have researched extensively to find a lender who offers you the best terms. While selecting the best lenders like instant personal loan apps for your loan may seem like a good idea, doing so does not ensure that your application will be accepted.

Every day, a lot of people are denied loans for a variety of reasons. The important justifications for refusing your loan will be covered in this post.

Reasons Why Your Personal Loan Application Could Be Rejected

Income and debt

Although it’s great to keep your credit score high, lenders also consider your yearly income and current debt when approving a loan application. This enables them to assess your ability to repay them for the requested sum. Your loan application may be denied if your yearly income is minimal and the lenders believe you won’t be able to repay the amount you request. If you have any debts, you should pay them off to reduce the likelihood of these things happening. With the instant personal loan app lenders like Lenditt will check your 3 months pay slip which should be Rs. 25,000 or more.


One of the most crucial things banks and lenders consider before extending you a loan is your CIBIL Score. Personal loan without CIBIL is hard to get. Your ability to manage your credit is what determines your credit score. You will likely have a strong credit score that will allow you to qualify for loans if you have maintained a solid credit utilization ratio and a history of on-time payments. However, those that don’t do this have lower credit scores, which results in their loan application being denied.

Adverse event or error on a credit report

Even after significant occurrences like bankruptcy or foreclosure, a person might improve their credit score within 18 to 24 months. Lenders will be put off if your past is anything like this, and your loan application will be declined. A personal loan for low CIBIL score is hard to receive but with Lenditt you can get a small personal loan without any credit score.

Incorrect or Incomplete Loan Application

Because banks evaluate these documents to assess your reliability, the information you provide on your loan applications significantly impacts whether or not your loan is approved.

When consumers fail to provide the necessary documents or don’t fill out the needed information, loan applications frequently get rejected. As a result, it’s essential to complete the loan application and attach all required paperwork carefully. On the other hand, with Lenditt you can apply for a personal loan without documents.

Utilization of Fund

It’s a little-known fact that most people who apply for personal loans through instant personal loan apps utilize the money on things like weddings, vacations, house improvements, or purchasing new technology. The income security will conflict with your application for a personal loan if you want to utilize the money to launch your business. Always remember that lenders base their loan decisions on your current salary, not the expansion of your company.

small personal loan for low cibil score

Credit Report Errors

The most frequent inaccuracies in credit reports include inaccurate reporting of some payments, errors in personal information, canceled accounts that are still listed as active, PAN Details, and more. The denial of your personal loan without CIBIL may also result from mistakes in your credit report. Therefore, you should submit a request to correct any inaccuracies you see in your credit report.

Inaccurate Details

When you give the lender false information, your loan application may also be denied. Every document you submit is rigorously examined for legitimacy; as a result, lenders will reject your loan application if they find a mistake. But with Lenditt you can get an instant cash loan in 1 hr without documents.

Residential Stability

Your residential stability is typically taken care of by the documentation you supply for KYC by providing banks with evidence that you have a permanent residence that proves your stay in the city. If you rent your home, banks may want additional information from you. If the banks cannot verify your residential stability, they will likely reject your loan application. Instant personal loan appsdon’t check your residential stability.


While having access to an instant personal loan app helps you prepare for difficult financial times, having access to this loan is also crucial. If you are refused a personal loan once, it will appear on your credit report and make it harder for you to get a personal loan for a low CIBIL score in the future. It is advised to keep the considerations mentioned above in mind and only applies if you are certain your loan application won’t be denied. Improving and using parameters is preferable if you believe you lack any. With Lenditt, submit your correct documents and pay slip and you will be eligible for instant cash loan in 1 hr without documents.

Rejection of a personal loan could worsen your financial situation. However, it is crucial to understand the precise amount of your monthly installment you must repay if granted. To obtain a reasonably realistic evaluation, use your personal loan EMI calculator.

If you have received several no responses to your requests for personal loans, it is time to take action. Take corrective action to raise your credit score and enhance your financial profile to attract lenders to your application and go for instant personal loan apps.